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High Voltage Coils or HV coils are electrical coils that operate on a voltage higher than the safe voltage. Uses of HV coils: Despite the strict standards, high voltage coils are utilized in a wide range of industries. Medical devices such as cathode ray tubes use HV coils to generate X-rays for medical imaging applications. The power generation industry uses HV coils for applications such as electrical power distribution. Automotive manufacturers employ HV coils as ignition coils in vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, and sport utility vehicles. Also, it is used in industrial manufacturing for power generation to warehouses as well as equipment and even for measurement and testing applications such as with photomultiplier tubes. Types of HV Coils: There are two primary types of high voltage coils: ignition coils and Tesla coils. Ignition Coils: They are more typical for industrial applications. Ignition coils are used to fire up the spark plugs by transforming the current flow from the vehicle’s battery into the high voltage required by the spark plugs. An ignition coil consists of a core, primary, and secondary wound wire. The primary wire is typically formed from a heavy gauge of copper insulated in protective materials like encapsulated coils. It contains about one hundred to one hundred and fifty turns or loops of wire. Conversely, the secondary coil is generally formed from a fine gauge of copper, which must be insulated with many turns, generally ranging from fifteen thousand to thirty thousand turns. Tesla Coil: They are typical for entertainment and educational purposes. A Tesla coil has been used since 1891 and is a type of resonant transformer circuit. A Tesla coil can be employed to produce a high voltage of electricity and a reasonable frequency and high current. Using alternating current flow, Tesla coils can produce long sparks of electricity. High voltage coils are also employed in high voltage power transformers to handle increased electrical energy amounts in the range of 600-5000 volts.