Rajamane & hegde

The spindle is the root of any CNC machine tool. For machine shops, tragedy manifests itself as unexpected repair bills and days or even weeks of downtime. Customer deliveries and cash flow are affected when a spindle seizes, cutters break, parts are scrapped, and operators may be injured. Fortunately, a robust machine spindle preventive maintenance plan helps avoid all this unpleasantness. We provide advanced CNC machine tool spindle repair, spindle replacement, and CNC spindle rebuilding services. Our step-by-step ISO-documented CNC spindle repair and replacement service processes are detailed with stringent assurance measures to ensure we repair spindles with precision and quality execution. Data required for the Machine Tool Spindle Service:
  • Machine model/type information
  • Wheel-Head Spindle
  • Work-Head Spindle Coolant System
  • Lubrication System
  • Frequency Converter/Electrical System
  • Air Supply
  • Quill
We provide superior machine tool repairs that are thoroughly tested before they are returned to you, from increasing the operating RPM of a wheel-head spindle to balancing the quill. Our Machine Tool Spindle Service include: Repair: Our thorough procedures for machine tool spindle service includes analysis, spindle repair, and complete spindle testing. These are reasons we are one of India’s most prominent spindle repair specialists. We offer both off-site and on-site spindle repairs, as well as emergency assistance when you need to get your spindle back in and running immediately. Rebuild: When more than one part of your spindle is not working correctly, it can be devastating, especially when you expected that you would only need a repair. Don’t worry, and we can rebuild your spindle at a portion of the cost and time. Maintain: Predictive maintenance services ensure that you spot any problems with your spindle before they become incredibly costly. Knowing when your spindle will need a repair is much better than having unplanned downtime, particularly during critical times of high production. As a bonus, it helps cut down repair costs on a spindle that breaks without warning.