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Spindle motors are designed to rotate at high speeds and are usually used in CNC milling machines. Like all motors, spindle motors can and will break suffering. But the process of Spindle Motor Service can be tricky, much of the time requiring special tools and know-how. We are specialized in CNC Spindle Motor service, with the ability to repair spindle motors from any HMC, VMC, Turning Center, Grinding Machine, or any other application. Our Spindle Technicians are one of the best in the industry, with tremendous experience repairing countless makes and models of spindles. Our technicians utilize some of the most advanced equipment for testing and balancing spindles. The most common Spindle Motors Service include:
  • Rewind or recondition windings
  • Extending Motor Lead Lines
  • Replaced seals, O-rings and bearings
  • Re-qualify shaft
  • Re-qualify encoder wheel
  • Replace encoder
  • Replace other electronic components
Coolant Ingression Problems: Some spindle Motors have coolant that runs through them. When seals fail, this can cause the stator to short out. If the motor is damaged or burnt out, we can rewind it and encapsulate it to prevent this damage from happening again. An example of an encapsulated winding is shown in the above right image. Coolant ingression can also damage bearings by washing out lubricant and causing them to overheat due to excessive friction. It is standard for us to replace bearings for all repairs. It is something our spindle technicians are very skilled at. Balancing: While proper rotor balancing is essential for any motor application on a spindle, it is particularly so. Imbalances in the rotating apparatus will constantly develop problems eventually, and the faster the rotation, the sooner the failure will create. The vibration caused by rotor imbalance can cause damage to tooling, overheat the motor, or damage the spindle entirely. After every repair, it is vital to balance the rotor of the spindle within very tight specifications.