Rajamane & hegde

As a distributor for WEG India, we provide sales, engineering solutions, installation, customized boards, setup and commissioning for our customers right across India. We are also studied as one of the best WEG authorized service Centre in India. The manufacturer trains our highly skilled technicians and engineers in all aspects of Drives and Motors. We have access to WEG trained product managers in electric motors and automation and the skills and experience of all the marketer in our team. WEG Electric Motors:   WEG Industries manufactures units in an extensive range of sizes, from low to medium voltage. WEG has a compact reputation for engineering quality products across numerous industries, including steel, electric, agriculture, oil & gas, paper, and water. They provide custom solutions with immediate modifications. Best of all, the WEG group’s motors are premium quality at affordable prices while continuing sustainable growth. We are a WEG single-phase and WEG three-phase motor distributor with a WEG authorized service Center in India. Features of our WEG Authorized Service Centre:
  • IP66
  • Class H insulation with Class B temperature rise
  • FC200 Cast Iron frame with solid integrated feet
  • VSD compatible, spike resistant WISE® insulation
  • Service factor 1.15
  • Flat efficiency curve from 75% to 100% load to maximize energy savings
  • E3 efficiency – AS/NZS1359.5-2004 High Efficiency with optional Super High-Efficiency E3+.
  • High Locked Rotor Torque values providing the ability to start high inertia loads
  • Reduced noise pressure levels
  • Improved fan cowl, fin design and extended frame area contributing to a reduced thermal footprint
  • Patented WEG Seal consisting of a V-ring with double lip enclosed by a metallic cap, from 225 frames and above
  • Extended lubrication intervals through improved end shield design and reduced bearing temperatures
  • Efficient lubrication system to improve grease passages to and from the motor bearings
  • Oversized, cast-iron terminal box
  • Flat surfaces for vibration monitoring