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Servo motors are handy tools that bring a powerful punch to their size. They are similar to AC/DC engines, except that they are equipped with an additional positioning device. The attached positioning device provides valuable feedback to give more control in an enclosed system loop. While small, these engines give you a lot of power and efficiency. If your servo motor breaks down, you will need to know how to analyze different issues and navigate the repair process. We are observed as one of the trusted suppliers of AC Servo Motor Repair in India. We have incorporated advanced facilities in our unit to carry out internal repairing of motors. Our highly proficient team of mechanical and electrical engineer documents inspects and tests the motor before beginning any repair. Process of our AC Servo Motor Service in India: We have certified technicians who follow a strict, step-by-step process for all AC servo motor repairs.
  • The repair is visually inspected for obvious faults such as burn marks, corrosion, fractures and faulty connections.
  • The feedback cover is detached, and the device is checked carefully. Electrical tests are conducted to determine whether the feedback can be fed safely. The input is also disconnected so the motor windings can be checked without damaging it.
  • The motor winding is tested with an AWA analyzer. This device performs Megger, high potential, the balance of strength and overvoltage tests on the motor.
  • For servo motors with magnets, KE or constant voltage tests are performed.
  • The machine’s work, including the repair of pins, shafts and bearings, shall be carried out as necessary.
  • New bearings and sealing components are installed on every repair.
  • Feedback tests on the Mitchell electronic system, whether solving, encoder or tachometer.
  • If the device is malfunctioning, it is repaired or replaced.