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Grinding spindles are used for grinding operations with traditional grinding wheels or CBN for conventional or CNC machine tool applications. They have an HF motor with high performance and hybrid ceramic bearings lubricated exclusively with a minimal air-oil system that guarantees long life. We are one of the best company that provides Grinding Spindle repair in India. We are specialized in reconditioning low-speed spindles, high load capacity turning spindles to high-speed precision grinding spindles and hydrostatic spindles, ball bearings and air bearing equipment. Our Precision Internal and External Grinding Spindle Repair in India:
  1. Air-oil or oil mist lubrication systems.
  2. Ball bearing-mounted.
  3. Specifications for the internal grinding spindle: from 60mm to 120mm body diameter.
  4. Grinding spindle attachment types: Cylindrical front attachment, over-scaled cylindrical front attachment, male tapered front attachment, male sharp front attachment for deep holes.
  5. Hydrodynamic bearing mounted.
  6. Specifications of exterior grinding spindles: Angular contact bearings and hydrostatic bearings.
  7. Centre-less grinding spindles.
  8. Deep hole grinding spindles.
  9. High-frequency spindles: we respond to all internal grinding requirements and specifications.
  10. Hardened components to avoid wear and loss of accuracy, dynamically balanced rotary parts, and use steel and ceramic bearings.
Process of our Grinding Spindle repair:
  • High-performance acoustic control sensors monitor the acoustic emissions from your grinding spindles, which improves grinding precision, efficiency and reduces machine wear.
  • Dittel GAP-R, GA: Reduces structural noise directly on the grinding wheel shaft (internal and external grinders) or the straightening roller.
  • GAP 3000 and GAP 5000: Both are directly applicable to OD, ID and surface grinders and are used to control “GAP” eliminate, change feed rate as required, initiate dress feed or continue dress, and act as crash prevention. The GAP 5000 also incorporates an automatic wheel balancer.
We are a trusted sales and service representative for Walter Dittel GmbH, a U.S. manufacturer of advanced integrated Acoustic Control Systems, Balance Control Systems and Process Control Systems precision grinding spindles and equipment.