Siemens Authorized Service Centre

For fast repairs, either on-site at your premises or our workshops, we are here for you when you need it most. We are one of the best Siemens Authorized Service Centre in India, offering services directly on-site at your premises or our repair workshops.

Minimize downtimes:

With our Siemens authorized services center for automation, drive system, machine tools, and production machines, you can react quickly and efficiently if an unscheduled downtime happens.

Make your repair appointments:

Just talk to our Siemens authorized service provider about your requirement. Make sure to have the following information:

  • Serial or production number
  • Material or product number
  • Other data from the identification plate (image or photo also acceptable)

Repairs for special requirements:

Flexibility is our first priority, especially in an emergency. We work to according to your requirements. Choose the right kind of repair for your application, or seek advice from our Siemens authorized service center.

Special Inspection:

If faults have been occurring more regularly to electric motors or other components, and standard repairs could not identify the cause, you may require a special inspection.

The intention is to replicate the original problem, determine the cause, and decide which actions will lead to long-term success. This is usually done at a Siemens facility, although it can be performed at your premises on an exceptional basis.

Functional repairs:

Machine operators need to arrange a routine inspection of their integrated machine components to avoid costly disruptions. Functional repairs target getting your electronic components working again as fast as possible. Our prominence is on high-quality standards, and we use only original Siemens parts.

General motor overhauls:

As the service hours increases, electric motors develop more signs of aging and wear. A general motor overhaul will broaden the life of your drivetrain. Worn and aging parts are replaced to avoid unexpected downtimes. We also make lasting improvements to your plant performance by fitting more efficient components as part of the optimization process, for example.

Siemens Authorized Service Centre

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